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We have a new drone here, I wonder if you are interested in learning about it. The quality of this product is the highlight of our research and development.
I will take you to understand our product briefly. You can check some information below.

The battery life is 28 minutes for the GPS brushless drone. 1000m electric fence safety distance GPS interior location, fixed point within optical flow
Returning home with only a limited supply of electricity and the power switched off.
There has multipoint navigation, VR mode, photo/video, multi-object switching, and lens zoom.
MV mode, one-key home, headless mode, photo/video definition, and front lens up/down adjustment are all available.
Flight system with a fixed height GPS/air pressure
There are eight stages of strong wind resistance.
Anti-interference image transmission signal for 5G
Capacity of the battery: 7.4V 3000mAh and board.
Fernback (charge): 3.7V 300mAh with board. Battery capacity (charged).
WIFI: 5G 4K setup with optical flow
Time to charge: about 180 minutes
Remote control: resilience recharge (no battery required)
Type: Battery type: one battery type, two battery types, three battery types.
The color is white and gray.
The materials utilized are plastic and metal.
Size: Dimensions of drone: folded 26x30x5cm, folded 14x19x5cm

288.00 for one drone
278.00 each for two or more drones
258.00 each for then or more drones
u   s   d

Are you interested to take one or two today? Just reply us and send your address for shipping, and we will arrange the shipment soon.
We will confirm and strictly test the products before shipment.

-Mechanical stabilization of two axes Pan-Tilt with an angle of 110 degrees: the angle of tilt for the camera is 110 degrees when using a Pan-Tilt camera.
-Arms that can fold. -Arms.
-GPS mode location allows more accurate flying.
-To capture pics and images in real time through mobile phone camera, 5G-wireless capabilities can be coupled to an APP or APK system.
The -5G fpv wireless range can cover more than 2000 m.
The aircraft will still handle the telephone and proceed the same way as the operator.
-It can give stable flight due to its altitude hold mode function.
- A photographic gesture recognition: gesture in front of the camera 1-3m from the aircraft.
-Create a route and use the helicopter to follow it in waypoint flight mode.
-Comes with a function auto-return. The aircraft shall return to the take-off point following the GPS trajectory when the control signal is lost.
-When utilizing a 11.4V 2850mAh battery, the flight time is up to 28 minutes.
-Headless mode eliminates the necessity to alter the position of the aircraft before the flight.
-You may quickly return home using the one-click back option.

Dean Trujillo